Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kalap Fest or Kalap Festival

Kalap Festival is celebrated every March 21, it is the city's official festival. It was originally derived from the tagalog word Kalap means to gather, during the old times people gather woods to provide warmth and  to cook food. The term was then use as the name of the festival to show the culture and history of Calapan City. It was launched on 2009 and is still successfully being held every year. Participated by various sectors of Calapan's broad citizenry, the people walk the city streets moving as one. It is intended to be a yearly celebration packed with performances, colorful floats, and most significant of all, history. Along the main streets, floats detail the defining moments of the city's past, an insight into the City of Calapan of today.

More Pictures of Kalap Festival


Pictures from the City Government of Calapan and article is a revised version from the Wikipedia

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